The Alewife or Gasparot
Scientific Name :
Alosa Pseudoharengus

In the herring family, Alewife is caught in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia rivers. Once caught, it is salted and dry packed in plastic pails of 30 pounds (13.63 kg) without brine. Keep refrigerated 6° Celcius. Very popular in the African and Caribbean cuisine.


+/- 130 Grams / Fish
13,63 Kg (30 lbs) Plastic Pail
91 to 110 Fishes / Pail
1 800 Pails/ 40' container


The fishing season is in June, but it is best to contract before the fishing season because of changes made ​​from one year to another.


We only ship in 40′ container, there are 1800 plastics pails (30 lbs/pail) per container. There are between 90 and 110 Alewives per pail.

ECO-Responsible Fishing

Our herrings are fished in respect of the highest environmental standards of the MSC. Confirming that our products are from a sustainable fishery and well managed.

Ancestral Process

Passed on from generation to generation, giving a unique saltytaste. Used as seasoning with rice, vegetables, beans or pasta.

Salted without brine

The herring is put in a natural salt and can be preserve for 2 years.


The Alewife is sold whole (with the roe) in plastic pail of 13,6 kg.


We ship worldwide. Contact us to get a quote.


The product can be stored up to 2 years and require refrigeration.

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