+/- 22 Grams / Fillet
4,54 Kg Cardboard Box
200 Boxes / pallet

5 600 Boxes / 40' container reefer


+/- 100 Grams per Herring
8,2 Kg Wooden Box
100 Boxes / pallet
1 319 Boxes / 20' DRY container (Africa)
2 816 Boxes / 40' container reefer


+/- 100 Grams per Herring
8,2 Kg Wooden Box
100 Boxes / pallet

2 816 Boxes / 40' container reefer

(Scientific name : Clupea harengus)

Fresh herring is caught in the cold waters of the Atlantic , it is then put into a natural salt brine for a minimum of 2 weeks, it will then desalted slightly with water source . Once it is desalted, herring is slightly slipped on wooden sticks. It will be suspended and will be smoked very slowly, about 30 days, over smouldering embers made ​​of a mixture of coniferous and local hardwoods. This process, passed on from generation to generation , gave birth to a product with a particular taste today sought in many countries of the world.The smoked herring is an excellent product, high in protein.


The traditional method is to use a wooden box of 18 pounds (8.18 kg) which allows handling and storage of smoked herring with a minimum of space, damage or deterioration of the product. Each box of smoked herring contains between 61 and 80 smoked herring . Smoked herring is also available in fillets that are packaged in cartons of 10 pounds (4.54 kg).

ECO-Responsible Fishing

Our herrings are fished in respect of the highest environmental standards of the MSC. Confirming that our products are from a sustainable fishery and well managed.

Ancestral Process

Passed on from generation to generation, giving a unique salty smoked taste. Used as seasoning with rice, vegetables, beans or pasta.

Smoked and Salted

The herring is put in a natural salt brine for a minimum of 2 weeks and then cold-smoked for about 30 days in the traditional smoked houses.

Whole, Split or Fillet

The herring is sold whole (with the roe) or split (eviscerated) in wooden boxes of 8.2 kg. The fillet will be shipped in cardboard boxes of 4.54 kg.


We ship worldwide. Contact us to get a quote.


The product can be stored up to 2 years and require refrigeration for the fillets.

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